June 1, 2011

webinar: google forms

How was the webinar?
I've never used Google Forms, and I've never heard Thomas MacEntee present. After this webinar, my head is swimming with possibilities. And isn't that the hallmark of an excellent instructor? Mr. MacEntee moved seamlessly, both visually and verbally, between his presentation slides and live examples. He spoke in a very "down-to-earth" fashion without being condescending. The moderator only presented 1 of my 4 questions, but I think I learned enough to figure out the answers on my own. I'm now a follower and can't wait to hear more! This is the top webinar I've attended from any source.

How can Thomas MacEntee improve?
The slides moved too fast for me to take notes, which I always do during webinars, causing me to put aside my note pad and just watch. In this case, however, I may have learned more from just watching than from taking notes, because Mr. MacEntee used so many valuable, live examples and actions.


  1. Reed - found you on the Geneablogger's website. Thomas MacEntee is a great presenter and I always find his webinars informative.


  2. Welcome to Geneabloggers! I agree, Thomas is an excellent instructor and I enjoy his webinars very much! Incidentally, you can still view this webinar until June 13 for free at Legacy almost always posts their webinars on their site for a week or two afterwards, for those of us who can't make it to the live session.

  3. Interesting - I'll have to keep an eye out for a repeat or perhaps it was recorded.
    Thank you,
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)