June 8, 2011

advice needed: headstone photographs

For decades I have been passionate about photography. I've also loved cemeteries and ghost towns. My late cousin and I took several "cemetery weekends" over the years, and I photographed probably hundreds of gravestones as an artist.

In February of this year, I became interested in genealogy and family history. I'm very disappointed in myself in that I never documented the cemeteries in which I took photographs. I mostly know the states, and the general geographic areas within the states, but not enough to put the photos on Find-A-Grave or similar sites. Many of my photos are too "artsy" to be of significant genealogical value.

So my question is this: is there a website where I can post these photos for genealogists to search?

The photos are all physical prints, so it will take a while to scan them all, but I want to make them available to anyone researching their family history.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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