June 7, 2011

Jerome Walker, 1862 letter

Letter to Catherine Canright from her son Jerome Walker

Sunday Nov 24 1862

My dear mother I have quit work at Sheridan and now I am to work in the north  wood for a man by the name of Cary on Flat River  for thirty dollars a month.  I have been here about three.  I went from Stanton out to woods and a Gilbert lumber camp and worked days and when I asked for the foreman to give me a order for my money and get me some shirts and drawers abut he said that he nothing to say if I wanted my money go to the (?) wood and get it so I went down to  Stanton and asked for Mr. Wood for it and he asked for my order I told him that the foreman, a said he said that he had aught to give me my time he didn’t know anything about it I went back and told the foreman about it and he give me my time and I went and got my money and quit.  If I stay here I shall have some money for Bertize and you I shall send my letter to Saranac. I want you to us right to me as soon as you get this well I must close from you son, Jerome R. Walker.

PS The snow was about 4 inches deep yesterday last night it rained so that the snow was about gone this morning but it is snowing now. Direct your liters to Westville Mount Calm Co.

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